Monday, December 16, 2013

Home Is Where the Heart Is.

Well, WE MADE IT. All of us (with exception to Leesha, Laurel, and Hannah K. who are doing some solo-travel) are safely back, tucked cozily into our homes with our families, dispersed throughout the States. We’re filled to the brim with home cooked food and a multitude of emotions. On one hand we’re incredibly ecstatic finally be back, running to hug our families, squealing with delight upon reuniting with dear friends, receiving a happy lick from our excited dogs. But on the other hand, melancholy thoughts often drift into our minds when we’re reminded of life in Peru. It seems for every happy thing we re-encounter in our lives here, there’s something we miss equally as much in Peru.

We’re happy to reunite with friends and family here,
            But we miss our friends and family there.
We’re happy to eat pb&j’s, and drink tap water,
            But we miss manjar and jugo de fresa.
We’re happy to speak in English guilt free,
But we miss Spanish words and phrases that are sometimes the best/only descriptions we can find.
 We’re happy to walk in winter wonderlands,
            But we miss our Arequipean sunshine.
We’re so very happy here,
            But we truly miss it there.

It seems that we’ve allowed Peru to nestle itself deep into our hearts. That country, with its sunny weather and even sunnier people, has become home to 22 college students, whether we realized it or not. Home is an interesting concept. More than a house, home is where we’re completely comfortable. Home is where we’re embraced and accepted by family and friends. Home is where our hearts warm up. Home is here, and home is there.

And that is a beautiful thing.

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